Professional recruiting agency


Who are we?

Workaff is an international recruiting agency for job search and recruitment from the affiliate industry. For more than ten years, we have been helping to find employees for the staff, for outsourcing, or to get a dream job.

We have over 1,000 companies and 400,000 candidates in our database in 20 countries worldwide. You're sure to find what you're looking for.

Working with an agency is ideal when you need to fill a vacancy quickly, but there is no need to hire a recruiter in the state. And for those looking for a job, we have a huge database of verified employers. You do not have to look for reviews about them on the Internet - we have already checked everything.

The WorkAff team consists of 30 experienced professionals - each responsible for ensuring you get the desired result quickly. Try it yourself.

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How it works?

  1. You fill out a special questionnaire, according to which we will draw up a profile of the ideal candidate for you.
  2. Our specialists search for suitable options in an extensive internal and external personnel base, leaving only relevant applications.
  3. Next, we contact the candidates and conduct an initial selection.
  4. After passing the first selection phase, more detailed interviews begin, where we select the final applicants.
  5. The final stage is to provide the client with the best candidates, with comments from our specialists and help in making a decision.
Multi-stage selection, combined with many years of experience of our specialists, guarantees the hiring of 100% relevant employees. You save not only time but also money.

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Why us?

Knowledge of the affiliate area
Our agency succeeded in capturing a complex and specific affiliate market, and we went further. In addition to finding in-demand affiliate specialists, we also provide extensive recruiting services to find employees for any position in any industry.

Our employees have impressive experience and years of practice behind them: the best specialists work in Workaff. In addition, we conduct regular training and advanced training and offer additional motivation - our employees are motivated to develop and improve their professional skills.

International service
We will find a specialist for you in any country - from Turkey and Israel to Kamchatka. We will select one employee or a whole team for a staff or a project: it all depends on your goals. We work with any time zones and location, day and night - Workaff is constantly in touch.

B2B + B2C
Our agency works not only with companies but also with individuals. Let's assemble a "dream team" for your project: an online school, an affiliate program, or any other business. We will find a personal assistant or a whole marketing department - we can do any task.

Quality assurance
We are confident in our specialists and can guarantee a 100% result. Try it yourself!

Individual Services
If you need to audit the quality of an employee's work, evaluate the effectiveness of an individual specialist or an entire department, provide training, or develop a corporate code, use the "individual request."

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Who are affiliate marketing participants?

The scheme of building affiliate marketing includes three categories of participants:

An affiliate is a partner that allows you to increase website traffic and increase sales by placing links to a trading or any other platform in different sources to attract traffic.
An advertiser is a brand, company or enterprise that is interested in selling a product or promoting a service.
Consumer - the buyer of the goods or the consumer of the services offered by the advertiser.

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